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The Ultimate Guide to Adding a Virtual Product in Magento 2

The Ultimate Guide to Adding a Virtual Product in Magento 2

The Ultimate Guide to Adding a Virtual Product in⁣ Magento 2


Magento 2 is⁤ a powerful e-commerce platform that⁢ enables businesses to set up and manage their online stores efficiently. Adding virtual products to‌ your Magento ⁢2 store can be a great way ​to ⁤offer digital ⁣goods such as e-books, software downloads, or online courses. In this guide, ‌we will ‍take you through the steps to easily add a virtual product⁣ in Magento ‍2.

Step 1: Login​ to ⁣your Magento‍ 2 Admin ​Panel

To​ begin, access your Magento 2 admin panel by ⁢entering your credentials. ⁣Once logged in, proceed to ‍the next ​step.

Step 2: Navigate ‌to ​the Product Creation Page

On the Magento 2 admin dashboard, locate‌ the “Catalog” tab ⁤on the left-hand side. Click on it and select “Products.” You will be⁢ redirected to the product‍ grid page. To add a new virtual product, click ⁢on the “Add Product” button from​ the‌ top-right corner and choose “Virtual Product” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3:⁢ Fill in the Product Details

In the‌ product creation page, you‌ will find various sections to fill in ⁤the details of⁣ your virtual product. Make​ sure to provide the following information:

  • Product Name: Enter a ⁤descriptive name for⁤ your virtual product.
  • SKU: Set ‌a unique identifier for your product.
  • Price: Specify the price for your virtual product.
  • Stock Status: Select “In Stock” as virtual products don’t ⁣require physical inventory.
  • Images: ‍You can upload relevant⁢ images for your virtual product.

Step 4: Configure the Virtual Product Settings

Scrolling down the ⁣product creation page, you ⁣will come across additional settings⁤ specific to virtual products:

  • Virtual Product: Enable‌ the “Virtual Product” option to mark ‌it as a digital product.
  • Downloadable Information: This section ⁣allows you to upload downloadable files for customers ‌to ⁤access after‍ purchase.
  • URLs: You can⁢ add ⁣a ⁤custom URL for your virtual product.

Step 5: Save and ​Publish

Once you have filled in all the required details, click on the “Save” button ‍to create‍ your virtual product. It will now be⁤ visible and available for purchase in your Magento 2 store.


Adding virtual products‍ to your Magento 2 ‍store is​ a⁣ hassle-free process that​ opens up a world of opportunities for selling digital goods. By following this ​ultimate⁣ guide, you have successfully⁢ learned how to ⁢add a virtual product in Magento 2. Start enhancing your e-commerce store with ‍virtual products and provide your customers with an​ exceptional ⁢digital shopping experience.

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