All we learned from State of the Word 2022 and what we can’t wait for

All we learned from State of the Word 2022 and what we can’t wait for

All We⁢ Learned from State of the Word 2022 and What​ We Can’t Wait For

State of the Word‌ is an annual event where the WordPress community ⁣gathers⁣ to ‌learn about the present⁤ achievements, upcoming developments, and future plans⁢ for the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world.​ Let’s ‌delve into what we learned from State of the ⁣Word 2022 and what‌ exciting features we can’t wait to explore.

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Gutenberg 11.0‍ and Block Patterns

One of the highlights of the State of ​the​ Word⁤ was the‍ release of Gutenberg⁢ 11.0, the beloved block editor ⁣of ‌WordPress. The update‌ introduced a variety of enhancements, including an⁢ improved block pattern system. Block patterns⁤ allow users to ⁢easily customize their websites ​by selecting‍ pre-designed blocks with complex layouts. This new feature empowers users ​to effortlessly​ create⁣ stunning pages without​ any coding knowledge.

“With Gutenberg 11.0, we are giving users the ability ⁣to ​bring their creative ‌vision ‌to⁢ life⁤ by simplifying the process of designing​ beautiful ⁢web pages,” said​ Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress.

Full Site Editing​ (FSE)

State of ⁢the Word 2022 emphasized the progress made in Full Site‌ Editing‍ (FSE),⁣ a groundbreaking initiative that grants ⁤users complete control over their entire website ‍using blocks. FSE allows users to customize headers, footers, sidebars, and⁢ other ⁢elements without touching the underlying code. This game-changing⁤ feature will enable users to fully unleash ​their creativity‍ and create unique web experiences.

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Localization and Translations

Matt Mullenweg⁣ also discussed the​ importance of making⁤ WordPress more accessible to ​users around the world.‍ Localization and translations have been a ​key focus, aiming to provide a⁢ seamless experience for non-English speakers. The⁤ WordPress⁤ community is actively working towards⁢ improving internationalization efforts to ensure language​ barriers do not hinder anyone from using and contributing to WordPress.

“We⁢ believe that language should​ never ⁣be a barrier to creativity ⁤and expression. Our goal is to make WordPress‌ globally inclusive and accessible,” said Mullenweg.

What’s Next: WordPress ​6.0

In the closing remarks,‌ Matt ⁢Mullenweg shared an exciting preview of what’s to come in WordPress 6.0. The upcoming⁤ release is⁤ set to focus on refining the user experience, improving site performance, and introducing new features to enhance the default theme. With WordPress continuously evolving, the future looks promising for both beginners⁤ and​ advanced users alike.

Stay tuned for ‍WordPress⁢ 6.0 and get ready to ‍take your websites to new heights!


The State‌ of the Word 2022 brought us inspiring insights into the present and future of WordPress. With​ Gutenberg 11.0, Full ​Site Editing, enhanced‌ localization efforts, and the promise ‌of WordPress 6.0, users can look‌ forward to remarkable​ improvements and ⁢exciting opportunities. WordPress remains committed to empowering individuals, businesses, and creators worldwide, fostering‌ a⁢ vibrant‌ and inclusive online ecosystem.

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